Åre Ski Finals, DYBS Ep.3 and more


Åre Ski Finals was a blast. WOW! 3rd year we participated and it was even more fun this time – harder partying and worse skiing. How it should be according to us… 🙂 Here you can read more about the competition and check out some pictures http://areskifinals.com

We have also released the 3rd episode of DYBS. It is in two parts since we got so much material! You can check it out at my facebookpage among other stuff I post there https://www.facebook.com/CarlRegnerEriksson/.

Here is a direct link to part 1 https://www.facebook.com/CarlRegnerEriksson/videos/417196438643444/ and here is part 2 https://www.facebook.com/CarlRegnerEriksson/videos/419479438415144/

This weekend we are leaving for the Scandinavian Big Mountains Championship up in Riksgränsen! I won two years ago (2015) and Olle got 3rd place. Here you can watch the final day and Olles run at 2:50 and mine at 3:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjbyhaDbBrk

Stay tuned for some more updates!


/Carl & Olle






Olle RegnérÅre Ski Finals, DYBS Ep.3 and more
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Freeride World Tour 2018

I, Carl, made it to Freeride World Tour 2018, check out some highlights from the competitions this season and stay tuned for DYBS Ep.3 dropping very soon! 

Right now we’re back in Åre jazzing around, waiting for Åre Ski Finals next weekend and then wrap up the season with the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships up in Riksgränsen in May!



Olle RegnérFreeride World Tour 2018
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Here´s our second episode of DYBS – Does Your Brother Ski? Covering our two weeks of traveling and competing in Japan!

Olle RegnérDYBS EP.2
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Big Mountain Hochfügen


Here are our runs from Big Mountain Hochfügen, Carl POV and Olle from the spectator area! As usual we skied the same line, Carl got rewarded 4th place and Olle 9th since he landed like a jerk on the last cliff/outrun.


Olle RegnérBig Mountain Hochfügen
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Competition Morning

utf-8regners16%20copyLast minute face check

utf-8regners18%20copyBanana fucking pancakes

Leaving our comfortable accommodation from Active Ski for a more uncomfortable competition..

Olle RegnérCompetition Morning
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