We are Carl & Olle Regnér, Two brothers born and raised in Östersund, Sweden just one hour from Åre. The village that we in recent years have come to call our home, with the mountain that has made us the skiers we are today.

Despite the age difference, between us and our older brother Rasmus, the three of us have always skied together and pushed each other to develop as skiers. Carl’s background is easiest to describe as a wild gymnast and park rat while Olle became the skier he is through the alpine racing with Rasmus in the lead. Our different backgrounds and past approach towards skiing means that we complement each other as skiers. We see various opportunities and lines on the mountain,and become more creative through our constant discussions which develops our skiing.

This season we will once again try to ski our way into the Freeride World Tour, along side with the competitions we will work with our new project DYBS, Does Your Brother Ski? A web series in which you will get a realistic insight in our life while we travel the world.

Carl & Olle